Speed Test

How fast is your internet connection?

A good site to look at is http://speedtest.net.

speed01  BUT do not click on anything other than, "Begin Test" other wise all sorts of things will try to tell you something is wrong with your computer that is not true.

After spending $150.00 you will have a nice bloated PC.

So why use speedtest?

It does a good job of the one thing I use it for.

Testing my internet connection. 

Follow the link, http://speedtest.net.

Click on Begin Test to see how fast your ISP is.


Once you have done a speed test you see your ISP's latency, Speed Down and Speed Up.

You need at least 1Mbps up for a good Skype connection.

Testing your website.

Taking things a step further, how fast is your website?

This is a tool I use in Chrome to see how fast a website loads:

  1. Open Chrome and come back to this web page.
  2. Follow this LINK.
    1. This should take you to a page called "Page load time" by avflance
    2. Click on the green "Add to Chrome" button.
  3. This install this extensions and you will get a Stop Watch in your top right hand corner.
  4. Now go to your website and see how fast it loads.
  5. Things that can impact on your load time.
    1. Time of the day, has everyone just arrived at work, have the kids (not just yours) arrived home from school.
    2. What else is happening on your computer, downloading emails, watching YouTube, listening to Pandora.
    3. What else is happening in your house/business.
    4. Is your computer up to date with Patches.
    5. Your ISPs speed,
    6. Where is the website, national, international?


This is what I get for this website.



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