FTP on the new Webserver.

I have been talking recently about the virtues of having Google do your emails...winscp

On a related topic, FTP is very insecure.

  1. You send your username over the Internet so any hacker, with access, can see it.
  2. You also send your password over the Internet so any hacker, with access, can see it.
  3. Then all the information you send is in plain text.

For a number of years now, as a geek, I have been using sftp, installing it on my servers and using it from my PC to send information and files.

This article will help you be secure and if you have had issues with speed on to my new server this should fix that as well.


Follow this link [https://winscp.net/eng/download.php] to down load WinSCP for your self.

  • Do not search for it on the Internet, you could end up at a hacked copy of the software loaded with Trojan-ware.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, install.
  • Start WinSCP and you are presented with something like this:
  • Setup your account:
    • Set the File protocol: to SFTP (Secure File Transfere Protocol)
    • In Host name: put in the name of your website 
    • Leave the Port number: at 22
    • Put in the Username: and Password: as you go from us. 
    • Click Save to Save
  • Then Login to get to your site.

Why have I changed this.

I have changed to SFTP my self because it is secure. No NSA.

I have changed you to SFTP partly due to the requirements been put on me by my vendors.

  • cPanel wants it.
  • Google wants it.
  • You need it.

Any issues txt me on 021-827-660.

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