Current Rates

We do a lot of our work remotely. After installing Teamviewer on to your computer(s), Skype us or Txt us to make contact and we will come on line to help you. We operate in both New Zealand and the USA.

        NZ $ US $
   Our hourly rate for all things technical per hour  $125.00 $110.00
Travel    If we need to travel to you (This included charged travel time)    $1.65/km $1.20/Mile 
Websites   Simple 5 page website in Joomla with a template to your liking*.   $500.00 $350.00
Analytics   Making you found**.   $500.00 $350.00
360   360 Photos in side Google Maps, up to 20 photos***   $500.00 $350.00
Hosting    of your website for one year, includes one domain name   $360.00 $250.00
Google   Let us help you manage the Google Cloud   by quote  

All Prices exclude NZ GST or US Sales Taxes. 
*Limited number of revisions.

** Includes setting up

  1. Google Business
  2. Google Analytics with weekly reporting
  3. Google Web tools
  4. Mobile Friendly Template
  5. Open Graph Meta tags
  6. General Meta tags (Description, Title, Keywords, Author, Robot)

Extra Options, Price per page.

  1. Optional Regular Posts to the website.
  2. Cross linking with like businesses, suppliers and customer.

*** Up to 10 Photos, $200.00, up to 20 Photos $350.00. (USD)

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